E15, a spinoff of Levy Restaurants, has revolutionized the foodservice industry by using data and analytics. With their success in the food space, they’ve found natural ways to innovate and expand their offerings, to everything from venue design and infrastructure to the retail environment.

But it’s not just about the success of a client or a venue–analytics has allowed E15 to deliver unparalleled customer service. A consumer’s demographic might not change, but the context within which she consumes might, whether she’s attending a concert for work, with friends, or with a partner, and applying analytics to better segment leads to better service and a better experience.

:23 Analytics and foodservice seem pretty distinct. How does your company merge the two?
:55 What challenges do you face in the making analytics work for sports and entertainment?
2:03 How does the foodservice industry create value for the consumer?

Charles is the Vice President of Analytics for E15, overseeing the guest insights and business analytics functions. He focuses on strategic collaborations with professional sports teams and their venues to use data, analytics, and technology to improve operating effectiveness. His work includes dynamic pricing, guest segmentation, demand forecasting, cost optimization, business intelligence, and analytics strategy. Prior to his ... View Profile