Jimmie Briggs, noted journalist, author, and educator, launched Man Up in 2009 to activate youth to stop violence against women and girls. As he says, “we’re all born with an inherent power to exact change”.

And that is the power of innovation in the 21st century–the power to exact change, to demand it. Jimmie has dedicated his life to this particular issue of gender inequality and while it certainly *is* a wicked problem with all sorts of complex, systemic implications, he encourages personal intervention at the individual level.

Yes, gender inequality is a big issue. Yes, it’s a thorny issue. And, as Jimmie explains, we blow it up in ways that make it feel impossible to tackle. But as history indicates, we certainly have it in us to come together to find solutions. It starts with us as individuals, leveraging our creativity, empathy, and courage to demand positive change.

Over the past two decades, Jimmie Briggs has earned a reputation as a respected human rights advocate in the field of journalism, lecturer and educator. Through extensive travels to countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, the St. Louis, Missouri-native and graduate of Morehouse College has produced seminal reporting on the lives of war-affected youth and children soldiers, as well as survivors of sexual violence. A National ... View Profile