The tools and methods that we employ in research today are more sophisticated than ever before. As Professor Dolly Chugh puts it, “with the tools we have now, we can produce a vocabulary and we can produce data that’s harder to refute.”


Professor Chugh, along with her colleagues Katherine Milkman and Modupe Akinola, put these tools and methods to the test, exploring how race affects casual, informal interactions such as email correspondence. What they observed may or may not surprise you (even counting for purely unintentional bias), but the findings are a solid, scientific foundation upon which we can initiate “difficult” conversations around race. In short, it’s using data to enlighten our understanding of racial bias in the hopes of leading to more productive conversations.


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Professor Dolly Chugh is an award-winning professor at the Stern School of Business who studies bias, ethics, and education. Her research has appeared in numerous scientific journals and received media coverage in outlets such as The Washington Post, NPR, and Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In. She has also co-authored a bestselling article in the Harvard Business Review and a “most-read” Op-Ed in the Sunday New York Times. She recently made ... View Profile