If there’s anyone who understands the value of metrics and analytics for CPG marketers, it’s Jack Hanlon, the VP of Analytics at Jet.com.

He joined us to discuss everything from the value of digital to the power of CRM in social, with a dash of advice for marketers and creatives for good measure.

:22 What’s the major trend or issue online marketers should be paying attention to?
1:38 What about with existing customers? How do marketers continue to reach existing users?
2:17 What’s next for social media marketing beyond likes and retweets?
3:06 What role should analytics play in digital marketing?

As VP of Analytics at Jet.com, Jack is in charge of the strategy, organization and infrastructure of the Analytics practice for customer-facing operations. He joined the company in 2015 to design and deploy both these systems and Member-facing data products. Prior to joining Jet, Jack was co-founder and head of Product for Kinetic Social, a social media ad buying and measurement platform used by many Fortune 1000 brands including ... View Profile