“We all have a responsibility to step up to leadership, because there’s no way that one single leader can solve the wicked problems that we face as a society today.”

And not only do we all have the responsibility to step up, but we all have the ability to step up.

Bethany Godsoe, Associate Vice President of the NYU Leadership Initiative, explains how the capacity to develop leadership exists in us all, and why it is more important than ever in a world riddled with wicked problems. Leaders set direction, create alignment, and inspire commitment.

These skills are more important than ever, and can be developed over time (1:40).

Bethany Godsoe is the Associate Vice President for Student Leadership Initiatives at New York University. She came to this role after serving for six years as the Executive Director at NYU Wagner's Research Center for Leadership in Action. She specializes in the design and delivery of leadership development programs and is a highly skilled facilitator with deep expertise in action learning and collaborative action research methodologies. ... View Profile