Professor Arun Sundararajan joins us to shed light on the sharing economy. Some of what we consider the hallmarks of the sharing economy (disruption, economic transformations) may be a lot more nuanced than we think.

In Part I of our Q&A with Arun, he covers some basic principles and definitions, and tells us what he has his eye on:

0:16 What is the sharing economy?
1:08 What are some of the economic transformations (as a result of the rise of the sharing economy)?
1:58 Is the sharing economy really disruptive?
2:41 Is there an up-and-coming sharing economy platform or concept we should know about?

Arun Sundararajan is Professor and NEC Faculty Fellow at New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business. He also heads the Social Cities Initiative at NYU's Center for Urban Science+Progress, and is an affiliated faculty member at NYU's Center for Data Science. Professor Sundararajan's research program studies how digital technologies transform business and society. Some of his current and recent research focuses on the ... View Profile