We’ve become accustomed to hearing about data and analytics in the realm of things like retail, retargeting, and healthcare, but data has also emerged as a key driver of change in HR and how organizations hire, fire, and retain (amongst other things).

John Callery, Global Head of Workforce Strategies at BNY Mellon, joined us to shed light on an area of analytics not often highlighted, but increasingly important to our every day professional lives.

:18 What is the history of workforce analytics?
1:00 How do you decide what kind of data to collect and analyze?
2:21 It sounds like there’s a very active outreach component to workforce analytics.
3:01 What are some challenges with tracking data specific to workforce analytics?
3:39 As workforce analytics is also used in recruiting talent, how important is an online social presence?

Part 2 of our discussion with John covers the important topics of workplace diversity and happiness, and how analytics is key to evolving the HR profession.

John Callery is the Global Head of Workforce Strategies at BNY Mellon, the largest custody bank in the world. He previously advised the executive team at AOL as Director of People Analytics. He spent his early career as a systems engineer at NASA's Langley Research Center, and later led North America consulting organizations at PTC. He has a Master of Science in Business Analytics from NYU Stern and a Bachelor of Science in Applied ... View Profile