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If you’re considering laundering money, avoiding taxes, buying drugs–any of these things things–digital currency is probably the worst way to do it.
David Yermack, Cryptocurrency 201

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Cryptocurrency 201

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  • David Yermack
In Part II of our Quickfire with Professor David Yermack, we turn our focus to some of the more disruptive characteristics of digital currency, and how these innovations can be adapted and adopted by other…

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If you can–to be provocative–steal the content from analog firms and distribute it more costlessly, is that disruption? I think it’s free-riding.
Sonia Marciano, The Line Between Disrupt and Exploit

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The Line Between Disrupt and Exploit

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  • Sonia Marciano
As much as we like to herald “disruptive thinking” as a sign of innovation, brilliance, and progress, NYU Stern Professor Sonia Marciano reminds us to take a step back to Porter’s Five Forces to examine…