What is Ideas Never Sleep?

Currently in beta, Ideas Never Sleep strives to be a global thought leadership platform committed to bringing innovative thinking to every member of the Creative Class, curated by NYU Stern and the WR Berkley Innovation Lab.

While that’s a little bit buzzword-y, think of Ideas Never Sleep as a place where, well, ideas are always swirling around; where creativity isn’t boxed in or limited to just a certain segment of the population or a specific industry; and where members of the community can engage in lifelong learning via custom content, curated content, participation, discussion, and debate.

Who runs Ideas Never Sleep?

Curated by NYU Stern and the WR Berkley Innovation Lab, Ideas Never Sleep is run, day-to-day, by a small team that believes in the power of sharing ideas and information–especially when the ideas and information can be applicable to and empower a diverse range of people.

Who can contribute to the platform?

Currently, all contributors of the videos you see on Ideas Never Sleep are handpicked. But we want to hear from you as well. Add your voice in Ponder This, share longer form thoughts in the comments, and if you feel like you have the chops to run your own Topic, contact us and let us know what you’re interested in!

What are Topics?

Topics are where you’ll find subject-specific content, including videos, articles, and more in-depth explorations of the subject. You can even run your own private Topic, where you can invite only certain members to contribute, even though anyone can read the content. If you’re interested in running your own Topic on Ideas Never Sleep, contact us!

Why should I register?

Becoming a member of Ideas Never Sleep brings commenting, Ponder This, and subscription/notification privileges. You also get your own Ideas Never Sleep user profile. We actually have a few different types of memberships, including ones that allow you to create your own Topic, publish original content, and invite others to share their ideas with you!

What is Ponder This?

Ponder This is a new way of reacting to video content. We partnered with Ponder, a micro-response tool, to bring you this innovative method of adding your voice to the community. An Ideas Never Sleep account gives you access to Ponder This for just about every video on the site. At each timestamp, you’re able to log a sentiment, a comment, or even a citation, all of which provide a richer, more informative, more interactive experience. We hope you’ll add your voice with Ponder This.

I have a bunch of ideas! How can I get involved?

Simply contact us! Whether you’re interested in creating content, running your own Topic, contributing to a Topic, or just want to say hello, don’t be shy. We’d love to hear from you.